NHibernate Course

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NHibernate - is an open-source ORM framework, widely used in .NET world


We are offering 5 sessions NHibernate course, that covers folowing subjects:


  1. NHibernate setup and basic configuration.
  2. Mapping properties
  3. Mapping components.
  4. Mapping associations and collections
  5. Basic querying in NHIbernate.
  6. Concurrency.
  7. Mapping to Stored Procedures and Functions
  8. Caching
  9. Lazy Loading
  10. Events & Listeners
  11. User Types
  12. Advanced querying.
  13. Profiling NHibernate applications.
  14. Common performance problems.
  15. Logging.
  16. ORM Basics.
  17. Session and transaction management.
  18. Modeling inheritance.
  19. Fluent NHibernate


Each session will take 3 hours and will be full of fun and code samples.


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