Solr-Oracle Multi Value Issue



I'm  trying to create Solr index from oracle db.

the trick is that i'm using multivalue field in solr, and expect from solr to split the value to multi value field.

here is my data-config.xml

<document name="doc">           
            <entity name="EBAYSE_CORE" transformer="RegexTransformer"
                      query="SELECT id,value1 FROM multivalue" >

                <field column="id" name="id" />
                <field column="value1" name="value1" splitBy="\;" />


here is the schema.xml:

 <field name="id" type="string" indexed="true" stored="true" required="true"/>
        <field name="value" type="text_en" indexed="true" stored="true" required="false" multiValued="true"/>


and here is a data sample:

id         value1
1	iphone4;iphone3
2	itai;ram;tomer;vladi
3	test1;test2;test3


when indexing the data i get the values as one row instead of seperate by ';' 

any ideas?


Note: with mySQL wit works fine, as expexted.





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