Writing real games on Android using PlayN

  I would like to share with you a personal project that i have been working on in the last three months. 


This project was done after reading and about PlayN and seeing this video : http://www.google.com/events/io/2011/sessions/kick-ass-game-programming-with-google-web-toolkit.html.


I wanted to do a small game for Android using PlayN.


I have determine that since this kind of my "Hello World game" ,I set the following objectives for sucess:


1. Include real physics engine. 

2. look fine, considering that no real designer worked on my images and graphics.

3. will be easy use.

4. and last but not least, my 7 year old son will play with it, and won't get bored.


So I finally done this and it is now on the Andotid Market ( its not "Angry birds" :-) but I like the result.

The process was enjoyable  but also much more complicated than I expected, it seems that writing kids game is not an easy task at all.


But in general i say that the PlayN is still in progress and not fully functional, but it is doable once you understand the basics.  


I will try write something more detailed about the process in my next post.

but  bare in mind these issues:


1. Don't try to draw graphics in the state update and versa. 

2. Make sure check your game constantly on real device. (i didn't do this at first and it caused me lot of problems.)

3. use cahce to load Image once and reuse them, this can cause lot of performace issues.

4. on game pause make sure clear the cache, somehow the cache is corruped after pasue.

5. In additon to the game loop lifecycle there is the Box2D engine that you need to learn. there aren't many java exmples so you need to check some flash exampels.


anyone want to see the resualt you can find it here :



Enjoy, Avi







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