Silverlight 5 is out

Silverlight 5 is finally out. you can get the bits here.

For getting started with the Version 5 you can see here the release overview and introduction.


Some pointers on the new release:


Binding and Related


  • XNA 3D API
  • Improved Graphics Stack
  • XNA 3D built-in effects
  • XNA 3D Project Templates with full XNA Content Pipeline
  • 3D surface composition settings
  • 3D multi-sample anti-aliasing






Operating System Integration

  • P/Invoke  (also: My Printer Enum Example)
  • Multiple Windows
  • Unrestricted File System Access in Full Trust
  • Full Trust in-browser for enterprise scenarios
  • Default Filename in SaveFileDialog and OpenFileDialog
  • 64 bit browser support for Windows
  • Power awareness for media apps (keep the PC alive while a movie is playing, for example)


Productivity and Performance

  • Network Latency Improvements
  • Databinding Debugging
  • Parser Performance Improvements
  • Multi-core JIT for improved start-up time








source : Pete Brown

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