In defense of Rails / replying to "moving on from rails"

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This started as a personal reply and so I thought, why not just post it...
So I think Adam is exaggerating and I think I can understand him but it seems to me he is looking for an answer at the wrong place. I am also not sure what is the alternative that he's suggesting...
During the last 6 years there were so many posts of that kind... but the music is still on.
I am nt sure why someone want to write such a negative post, to me it seems like a waste of time. Why don't you write how much you enjoy the new JackRobinson(tm) technology and its remarkable advantages over Rails...
Rails was first and foremost a philosophy and it changed the whole world of development. It brought the attention to its principles in all other platforms too.
Technology wise, Rails today is richer and more mature than ever. So much efforts were invested in it and huge and great websites are using it, even if Twitter isn't anymore.
I haven't seen first day hackers going to Scala, maybe to PHP. I haven't seen a language as fun as Ruby. And as a Product, Rails is probably the best language around. In specific segments Python, Java, Erlang or PHP can beat it but if you look at the whole package - Rails is just a great product.
For example, the natural way in which CoffeeScript was made a default on Rails 3.1 stack. In many languages you can pull the first element of an array with the method []#first. Did you know that in Rails you can also do [].second, [].third and so on until 40-something? 
DHH, before he's a technology guy, he's a great product and he thinks about the developers, that's what I like most about Rails. Man, he's the g-- d--- Steve Jobs of development.
In 2005 Rails was a fun, agile, dynamic development environment. Today, its a full fledged killing machine. Its fast it has loads of libraries, few flavors (VMs), super easy to host, deploy and scale and there are great people in its community. What haven't changed is that when you ask a Railer what's great about it - he'll tell you "it's fun!".
I agree today the web is much more about client-side but that's what backbone.js and spine.js are doing, extending Rails.
Even CoffeeScript is an (great, amazing, succeesful) attempt to make JavaScript more Railish.
I also don't think much has changed since 2006. We actually have too much of what was already here in 2006. Its actually a bit broing but Rails can supply what it needs. The Rails Core and surrounding community are first class web developers that come from the industry and they make Rails fit their needs just more.
As for Ruby, the 1.9x version is fast and slick - it is a great alternative for Python, PHP and JavaScript.
All in all, I believe there is place for many flavours. Just like in real life, mongrels are better than pure-breeds. The environments learn from each other and so improve each other and everyone are happier :)


UPDATE: So I tweeted Adam about this post and... he replied in this following fascinating post


UPDATE2: got interesting comments on this post here -

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