Tips for working with Spring Roo on STS

In my current project I do lots of use of Roo 1.2 under the SpringSource Tool Suite, Roo is becoming one of my favorite tools, especially after the recently added layering in version 1.2. Roo and it's support on the STS is still in it's early stages, there are a number of roo bugs that make the work process a little rigid. Here are a two tips which will help you get more from Roo on STS
  • Use the Navigator view on the tree, this way you'll be able to see the AJ code that roo generates and not only the Java classes. goto Window > Show View > Other > Navigator
  • When you start STS, make sure you open Roo shell so roo will update AJ files while you code. To do this right click the project on the tree > Spring Tools > Open Roo Shell
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