Ubutnu 11.10 will be including OpenStack

According to: the451groupblog  Ubuntu is going to support OpenStack. Eucalyptus will still be supported but I belief such a statment means that most of the devlopment / integration efforts will be put into OpenStack, The title chosen by 451 group "Ubuntu broadening cloud coverage" could be right in terms of a deal setup with Vmware's Cloudfoundry and Ubuntu 11.10, but I am not sure Eucalyptus will servive the test of time, I guess we will have to wait and see ...



A few quotes from the blog post:

"More recently, Canonical signaled a move with its next version of Ubuntu Server 11.10 will support a different cloud stack, the open source OpenStack software, as its default cloud platform. Eucalyptus will still be included in the Ubuntu distribution and will remain an option, which is key as we see the desire for multiple technologies and choices emerging as increasingly important to customers (the same thing seems to be happening with open source hypervisors Xen and KVM)."





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