Scala on VMWare's Cloud Foundry


"VMWare announced Cloud Foundry(TM) support for Scala in June at Scaladays 2011. During a recent interview Ramnivas Laddad, Senior Software Engineer at VMWare said "Scala reduces the barrier between idea and application. Cloud Foundry reduces the barrier between application and scalable deployment." You can learn more about this exciting open source project in this interview with Ramnivas and Dekel Tankel, Cloud Foundry Product Marketing at VMWare."


In the interview they share their (positive) experience with Scala and the reasons that led them to support it in Cloud Foundry as well as use it internally at VMWare.


Another interesting quote is this:

"We are now looking to support Spring Applications with Scala DSLs, specifically in Spring Integration, things like routers and configuration. It will make the whole thing a lot easier to understand."





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