Autowiring mock objects to spring beans using @Autowired

Today I needed to test some rest services implemented with Jaxrs and Jersey, My intention was to have a fast running unit test that can be run on CI build and will test that the jaxrs+spring wiring, json serialization etc. don't break. All my resources are just calling other internal services, so I decided to deploy my rest resources and wire mock objects to them on an embedded jetty server.

I used spring annotations to wire everything up and all my resources look like that:


public class SomeResource {

    private mocktest.SomeService someService;


so the easy way to mock SomeService would be to just create an Easymock factory-method bean:


<bean id="myServiceMock"  class="org.easymock.EasyMock" factory-method="createMock">
            <constructor-arg value="mocktest.SomeService" />


But spring does not support the @Autowired annotation with factory-method. the easiest solution would be to use @Resource or @Autowired with @Qualifier.

But there's another thing, because I'm deploying this into an embedded jetty server and my unit tests will actually access the rest resources over http I don't have a hook to record the mock methods in the unit test class.

My solution is a spring FactoryBean for every service I want to mock, spring @Autowired works with FactoryBeans, and the getObject method of the factory bean is a great point to record mock methods, this is how a getObject looks like:


import static org.easymock.EasyMock.*;
public class SomeServiceMockFactoryBean implements FactoryBean<SomeService>{

    public SomeService getObject() throws Exception {
        SomeService mock = createMock(SomeService.class);
        //teach the mock to walk
        expect(mock.getSomeString()).andStubReturn("stub string");
        return mock;


The returned mock is a mock ready for replay, and of course you can teach it many other things to do.

 And this is how the spring config for the FactoryBean looks like:


<bean id="myServiceMock" class="mocktest.SomeServiceMockFactoryBean"/>






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