is it possible to use full path to ant build file in a Jenkins job?

I'm trying to create a Jenkins job that:

  • execute an ant file on the local file system, ant will execute jmeter tests.
  • Performance plugin to create graphs from the jmeter reports.

but I can't find a way to make Jenkins find the build file, my job has only an ant build step, no SCM checkout:

the ant configuration contains only the full path to my ant file:



but I keep getting this from Jenkins

Started by user anonymous
FATAL: Unable to find build script at /home/shalom/dev/dev-otho/automation/stress/build.xml
Finished: FAILURE


same thing happens when i try to setup the full path to jmeter reports in Performance Plugin:

Performance: Recording JMeter reports '/home/shalom/dev/dev-otho/automation/stress/results/*.jtl'
Performance: no JMeter files matching '/home/shalom/dev/dev-otho/automation/stress/results/*.jtl' have been found. Has the report generated?. Setting Build to FAILURE
Finished: FAILURE

if I add SCM checkout and execute the ant file from Jenkins workspace then it works. but I don't need to checkout, just to use the working copy on the local machine.

It seems like Jenkins can't use full paths.


Appreciate any help.


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