Http post error during build invokation in Hudson 1.323

One of my clients has come up with an http post erorr whilst trying to invoke a build.


Taking a look at the logs reveiled than indeed that the form post action instatiating the job didnt complete - this was very wiered,

The fact is all connection to server was within the clients LAN, with a fast enough connection between the client & server, which coulden't result in this type of error due to speed. (and yes on public instances you should expect the page to load 100% before you submit anything ...)


Whilst connected to the client LAN trying to reproduce the issue, I discovered two things

1. This was hapening on any form with in hudson - for exmeple hudson > manage hudson - which ruled out this is a specific plugin issue.

2. I saw the browser trying to communicate with which is probably a url used to report usage statistics, so I went a long to check if that option is enabled (under hudson > manage hudson) and it wasent.


Considering the fact this instance has been running for over two yesrs or so It must be somthing external...  that has changed

Googleing on the subject returned 0 results, now considering the split between Oracle(sun) & Jenkins I presumed it could be related, thus I upgraded the hudson.war to a later release (still under the hudson naming) which solved the issue.


Not a very scientific solution but still ... (quick & clean)

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