Why and How Netflix Adopted NoSQL Databases

Netflix Director of Cloud and Systems Infrastructure Yury Izrailevsky explains how and why Netflix migrated some of its systems to NoSQL. "In the distributed world governed by Eric Brewer's CAP theorem , high availability (a.k.a. better customer experience) usually trumps strong consistency," he writes. " There is little room for vertical scalability or single points of failure."

Netflix uses three NoSQL tools: SimpleDB, HBase and Cassandra. "The reason why we use multiple NoSQL solutions is because each one is best suited for a specific set of use cases," Izrailevsky writes. He writes that the learning curve has been steep and re-architecting the company's systems has been difficult but "the scalability, availability and performance advantages of the NoSQL persistence model are evident and are paying for themselves already, and will be central to our long-term cloud strategy."



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