K People: a new open source solution


I am pleased to recommend a new open source application that will soon be available for businesses that aimes to improve the productivity of knowledge workers.K People is a system, created by an intervention co-financed by the EU's European Regional Development Fund ("ERDF"), with the Puglia Region's Operative Programme 2007-2013 with the goal of providing aid for R&D investment in teh SME sector.  
K People is a software platform capable of integrating with enterprise systems. It will enable workers to improve productivity, while giving management the the means to plan and monitor activity.
 The project integrates perfectly into a change process that, for years, has been modifying the configuration of enterprise information systems. The next challenge for enterprise IT is the capacity to support, in an efficient manner, the less structured processes such as those involved in decision-making, creativity, collaborative and planning.
K people is developed by a group of researchers who will be delighted to receive feedback, views and contributions to their work on the website of the initiative: http://kpeople.webscience.it
Visit the website and contribute to the progress of the system!
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