February Events - Flash Israel Event and Pre Event

This coming February, some of the top Flash and Flex experts and evangelists are coming to Israel. Flash Israel event will take place on 22-23 February, so ensure you don’t miss it! Tikal is sponsoring this event and you are welcome to visit us in Tikal’s Booth. I am mostly looking forward to attending the Flex sessions. However, some of the general Flash topics will be very interesting too.

Some of the lectures I am planning to attend and the issues covered are listed below:
<ul><li>Hillel Koren, discussing Cairngorm 3 and Parsley, covering DI and other issues.</li><li>Kevin Schmidt, covering the Component Life Cycle, discussing both Flex 3 and Flex 4.
</li><li>Sanyu Kiruluta, showcasing Air development on the new OS of the BlackBerry Tablet.</li><li>Elad Elrom, covering Air on TV. This is a very interesting session for me. As you may recall, I presented a TV based Flash SDK over 6 years ago. An application which was also displayed in Macromedia Max 2005.
In addition, some other well-known speakers, such as Grant Skinner, Ben Forta, Lee Brimellow and Liz Fredrik will also speak and present various topics.

But wait, there’s also a Pre event on Feb 1, hosting Java Champion and Flex expert Yakov Fain .Yakov is the co author of Enterprise Development with Flex . There are still free tickets available to the pre event, so go get yours!

Major software companies, such as Microsoft, generally hold big Annual Conferences in Israel. Adobe, on the other hand does not offer such a summit. Therefore, this is the local developers’ first opportunity to attend such a major event and hear all these great speakers talk.

The key person behind this event is Almog Koren. The event is sponsored by Tikal, Adobe, RIM and Quicksoft and other componies. You can refer to the event’s blog for further information and updates regarding this event.

Hope to see you all there.

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