Django-Dash-IL Event hosted by Tikal


The next 2 PyWeb-IL meetups will be in the form of a Django-Dash-like contest. Django-Dash is an event in which teams compete in developing useful applications, in a limited time. This will allow people to code together, in a fun & motivating framework. Actually, the planned event will not be a Dash (more like a Stroll), because the teams will be able to continue working on it for a whole month.


The contest rules & details: 

   - Anyone can think of projects they really need but have no time to work 
   - The projects should be Python/Django-based, & must be released as 
   - In the 1st half-an-hour of the 1st meetup (31/Jan), people will 
   describe the projects they thought of (2-minutes per person) 
   - Then we'll split into small teams, to work on the projects 
   - At the end of the 1st meetup, some initial commit should be made 
   (GitHub or BitBucket) 
   - Unlike the official Django-Dash, the teams may continue to work on 
   their projects in the month after the meetup 
   - Then, in the 2nd meetup (28-Feb), we'll have another 2 hours for 
   finishing the projects 
   - In the final hour of the meetup, each team will present to everyone the 
   project it implemented (5-min per team) 
   - A group of distinguished judges, led by Ahik, will score each project 
   in a few criteria & announce the winning team 
   - The prizes will be PyCharm licenses to all team members 



More details & Projects web sites will be announced soon.


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