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Still these days when we start a new project and we need a database the first thing that comes into our mind is MySql.

I noticed lately that some of us don't yet know of the existence of MariaDB which is a drop in replacement for MySql and a fully open source project lead by Monty the founder of mysql. And as we usually don't like the big guys like Oracle I think we should support MariaDB by using it and helping it become a successful project. it is already widely used by many open source developers, has binary packages for centos,ubuntu,debian ,opensuse already includes it in their standard oss repository, drupal community recommends it in the requirements page as a replacement for mysql. and if you ask monty he'll say that its faster then mysql.

there are reports that the use of mysql has declined in favor of MariaDB and Postgresql and its getting better (or worst for mysql), and although its still hard to convince project managers to drop mysql in favor of a more open source database like MariaDB or Postgres it is a step by step promotion process like any other open source project and its our job to promote it.



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