Write ASP.NET MVC using IronPython - Resources

I started research of using IronPython on ASP.NET MVC.

There are resources I found helpful:


Official Site: http://ironpython.net/ (download links are not up to date)

Downloads: http://ironpython.codeplex.com/


ASP.NET Dynamic Language Support:


IronPython integration with ASP.NET, No support for ASP.NET MVC (at least for now, seems they did support ASP.NET MVC in the past)


The New Dynamic Language Extensibility Model for ASP.NET: http://www.asp.net/dynamiclanguages/whitepaper


Write ASP.NET MVC application in Ruby: https://github.com/jschementi/ironrubymvc (not Python, but similar to my target)


Using IronPython in ASP.NET MVC: http://www.codevoyeur.com/Articles/Tags/ironpython.aspx

A Simple IronPython ControllerFactory for ASP.NET MVC

A Simple IronPython ActionFilter for ASP.NET MVC

A Simple IronPython Route Mapper for ASP.NET MVC

An Unobtrusive IronPython ViewEngine for ASP.NET MVC


The last links seem to be worthiest


The next step is starting simple ASP.NET MVC application with IronPython.

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