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We're debating if we should replace the current editor for the posts in the site and if so, what editor to replace it with. The resons for change is to get something that makes editing posts easier.


Current alternatives are:


The differences are mainly:

  • ckeditor is much more feature reach in terms of styling, colors, tables, etc.
  • wmd is wiki-syntax based. there are buttons to generate the wiki markup for you, but the formatting is all in plain text.
  • both have preview options. ckeditor's preview is on request (opens a new window when clicking a button), wmd's is live, as you type.


One other issue is of syntax highlighting for code snippets. There are two choices:


The main differences are:

  • syntaxhighlighter and geshi are more feature rich in terms of presenting the code: zebra lines, toolbar (e.g., for copying to clipboard).
  • google prettify can autodetect the language of the snippet. this means you just copy paste the code inside the article and it will be highlighted with syntaxhighligher or geshi there needs to be another step of specifying the language (either via a dialog or by wrapping in a tag)


wmd+google code prettify are what stackoverflow.com is using. ckeditor and syntaxhighligher/geshi are the more popular in general.


Please vote (reply with +1 or -1) or suggest other alternatives

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