Wireframing Tools

As a front end developer, I sometimes need to make the call of how a certain page/application state will look like.

One of the best ways to design a ui is to create a wirerfame first.

Some of the benefits of using a wireframe:

  1. It organizes the workflow

  2. Saves some times on decision making

  3. Might help other team members

  4. When developing code - it may help in the developing process in the oop concept.

  5. When using the right tools - it's flexible to change or create different concepts, i.e. - for the same page you're dealing with.

Whether you design a website, a web application or any idea you have in mind - wireframe is one of the best starting points.


Here is a link to a quite thorough article/guide on wireframing tools - both free an commercial.





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