Spring Tips and Tricks at Java Meeting


It has been a great meeting today in Park Hayarkon today, I hope you guys had as much fun as I did!


If you have other user-experiences or best practices, please share them on the comment section...

Attached to this post you'll find:

1. Presentation slides (in digital form, thank God!)

2. My not-so-needed jmx-admin web app - juyst drop it into your web app and start using. Thanks Nexperience for granting the priviliges for releasing this code! (and why didn't anybody tell me about mx4j earlier&^$%&$%?!)

Coming up:


On December's Java Group meeting, Shlomo will be giving a Multi-Threading session,


After that, we have about 10 topic proposals, out of which 3 already have volunteers- which is great! We'll stay in touch through the Java Group list - java [at] tikalk [dot] com. If you do not receive a mail from that address *today*, please be sure to contact haggai [at] tikalk [dot] com and ask him to add you.


Hope to see you all next time!

Thanks again for coming :)


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