IZWebFileManager 2.6.2 release is out

Hi there!

I released IZWebFileManager 2.6.2 which has two new features:

1. Now is goes with French translation - thanks a lot to Cédric Mousset who did it.

2. New property EnableContextMenu. I was asked about this at forum: http://www.izwebfilemanager.com/forums/thread/591.aspx
You may disable context menu in the file list by setting this property false (it is true by default)
Disabling the context menu will not automatically prevent an actions (such delete file or create new folder). It affects UI only. If you need to disable/cancel an action you have to handle proper event (for example SelectedItemsAction of NewFolderCreating) and cancel the action by setting Cancel=true of event argument.

The release is available for download from Google Code

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