Hudson Israeli Users Group meetup

Yesterday we had a meetup of israeli Hudson users with Kohsuke Kawaguchi


Kohsuke gave a presentation about current status of Hudson and future roadmap and it followed by Q&A session.


Most questions involvend trying to "push the limits" of Hudson:

  • Release management - Using hudson to manage different types of builds for QA and release while maintaining CI: In this aspect, having the ability to use the same jobs for testing and release builds, being able to split a multi-module product to separate small & quick builds while still having a coherent overall view
  • Deplyoment - Deploying artifacts to test servers: This mainly requires advanced workflows that are currently tricky to do in Hudson
  • "Management" view - Giving developers and managers a simpler view of jobs: Grouping jobs into a coherent product build, being able to generate and send reports, project oriented dashboard


Some other requests/questions were:

  • Being able to put configurations into SCM so that any change is automatically committed. This also allows to have a staging and production instances of Hudson share configuration so changes can be tested before pushing them to production.
  • Give the option for bisecting the change log of a failed build to find the exact commit that broke the build: This may create confusion since it means going back in the SCM history to build which means newer builds have older source.
  • Working on different branches and being able to trigger jobs for them. This means that builds do not correlate with a sequence of changes (build 1 from branch A, build 2 from branch B)
  • Maven 3 support: Someone already working on it
  • Being able to script the checkout of sources to get custom logic while still have Hudson track the change log


The presentation and some photos are attached


Update: Kohsuke's post is here:


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