FuseDay #2

Our second fuseday took place on Sep 5.

The challenge was to built simple ASP.NET Time Tracker application similar to the one we use day by day.

We chose S#arp Architecture as a main framework.

At first we had to setup data access in fact we had existing MySql data base.
(on my mind ASP.NET and  MySql are not good friends, but we had no chose)

NHibernate did all “dirty” work for us, so in short time we ended up with simple model.

Next part of the day we played with UI. Most of us was not familiar with ASP.NET MVC and it was great time to learn.

We got our application almost done.  At the end we discovered the problem with MySql ADO.NET connector.  It failed to map specific MySql data types to .NET. So we was able to save records into data base, but was not able to show them.  Such a problem could be solved easily by refactoring data base, but it proves that we can’t work with existing database schema without changing it.

In any case we had great time and learned a lot. We proved that ASP.NET MVC with NHibernate is good platform for web developing.

.... Waiting for the next FuseDay.

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