Tikal 2nd Fuze day – impressions



 The main goals of this Fuse day were:

  1. Implement Time Tracker application with Flex, with the same Look & Feel as the other teams.
  2. Successfully communicate with the server over REST.
  3. Streamline development with GIT source control.
  4. Have a working example that can serve as code base for future Flex group meetings, Flex 4 learning platform etc.


During the day a substantial amount of time went to GIT administration, mainly due to lack of familiarity with working with it. The group divided the tasks, so that Lior was in charge of server communication, Yoav handled the MVC framework logic (we decided on going with Cairngorm for its simplicity) and Oren and Sefi got busy with implementing the GUI logic.

By the end of the day we had a complete UI and working communication with REST server, but used only the GET API.


Some points to consider for the next Fuse day:

  1. Administration: We should have as many computers as people, and all of them should already be installed with whatever we need to start working straight away, be it FlashBuilder, MVC framework binaries, working GIT environment etc.
  2. API: server API should be completed a few days ahead of the Fuse day. We should have mock API at the very least. Server group should strive to make as little modifications to the API once we start working. Naturally, there will always be unexpected problems.
  3. Design: We should come to the Fuse day with a finite UI design we all agree upon, and each of us knows which part he is responsible for. This includes interaction between the different components, what events are thrown etc.
  4. Basic classes: Fuse day should start with us having at least a basic set of VOs so we won't have to rewrite code later on.
  5. Communication: We should stop working, say every 2 hours, for a few minutes and communicate with each other. Each one can provide an overview of what was accomplished, what is required, are there blockers etc. This will allow a better allocation of time to the important tasks.
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