JBoss, Selenium, Maven, Hudson, M2 Extra Steps & Files Found Trigger plugins

JBoss, Selenium, Maven, Hudson, M2 Extra Steps & Files Found Trigger plugins - how do all these work together in a continuous build + Integration test life-cycle ?


The Story - The Use Case:

We have two projects with two war artifacts which need to be deployed to a JBoss Application Server, whilst both webapps share a common base configuration, although the release life-cycle of each war have no correlation to the other.

In production both application servers are running & serving one another thus, Integration test should cover both JBoss instances & test their web services.

We are using selenium tests for both webapps and they need to run straight after a continuous build of each of the servers mentioned above. That said a change in project A or in project B should trigger the Integration tests job, whilst if either project A or project B are running the integration test plugin shouldn't run (at least until both projects / one of them is complete).


The "work around" - forcing the "native Hudson" configuration (which we didn't go with naturally):

Create a Job which builds Project A and Project B then as a downstream job will run ITest job. The problems with this method was -

1. Project A and Project B do not have the same release life-cycle therefore, I would be forced to have a separate build process for their release / chain the release of these webapps.

2. I would be building one of the projects for nothing (~ 10 minuets penalty) - if nothing changed in Project A / B why build the other for


As a matter fo fact Project A doesn't change much, our consideration was - Project A will change once in two weeks whilst Project B will change on a daily basis - that is why we needed a smarter solution:


A more Creative Solution:

Step 1 - configure m2 "extra steps" post-build action for Project A & B:

Project A - build a.war, and as a post build task it would copy the a.war into a shared location. For example purposes lets call it /sharedfolder, in Project B we would do the same.

Upon a successful build of Project A and Project B we will result with /sharedfolder with a & b war files in it. Let me point out these are two standard maven jobs which have the mvn clean install (or deploy) life-cycles and with M2 extra steps plugin you can run a shell / bash which will just copy a & b wars to the /sharedfolder.

Post M2 steps

Please note: if running in distributed Hudson make /sharedfolder a location both the servers building a, b & ITest Jobs can write to (NFS, SMB mount if you must).


Step 2 - Add Files Found Trigger & M2 Extra steps:


1. Manage Hudson >> Manage plugins.

2. Install the missing plugins (will be under the available tab if not installed already)

3. Reload / Restart Hudson


Step 3 - create / configure ITest Job:

Create a freestyle (or maven depends on selenium configuration) job named Itest which has a Files Found Trigger (SCM should be configured to checkout the selenium test - may it be Maven / Ant or whatever executes it for you ), in the Files found configuration have /sharedfolder and  a.war, b.war (note the "," delimiter) watched for changes and configure the trigger to run every 5 / 10 minuets according to your preference - so the Files Found Trigger will test /sharedfolder every $n minuets for changes in the filesystem and trigger a build accordingly.

Files Changed Trigger

I thought I was finished but The only problem was if either Project A or Project B was running I didn't want ITest to run until the Upstream project (either Project a  or b completes) and the built in upstream / downstream doesn't support "wait for either Project A or Project B to complete".


Step 4 - Add m2 "extra steps" pre-build action for Project A & B:

I went back to Project A and Project B configuration and added a pre build snippet which removed /sharedfolder/a.war for Project A and /sharedfolder/b.war for Project B.

Pre & Post steps

Now I have achieved - The Final result:

1. No parallel building of Project A,B or ITest

2. ITest will be triggered wither if a.war or b.war will change (that is where the Files Found Trigger comes in)

3. I can still keep Project A & Project B in their regular continuous life-cycle.


Also note that: The FS-SCM (File System SCM) plugin (which seemed a good candidate at first) - will not work for you in this case, for on each change the Itest project will run. So even if Project A removed a.war this will be treated as a SCM change in the FS, and will trigger a new ITest build.

Hope you find this tip helpful.

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