Remove the "All view" in Hudson + view enhancement plugins

I had tow motivations of getting rid of the All view

  1. The All view is quite annoying don't you think? After using Hudson for a while you have tens/hundreds of jobs lined up in a huge list - who needs that right.
  2. I wanted a "hidden jobs section" - Jobs no one but myself (and who ever needs access to it) can see.


In order to get rid of it (the All view) simply:

  1. Create a new view call it "xyz" and add what ever you want to it - and there are quite a few plugins you can adopt for see examples below,
  2. Navigate to hudson >> configure hudson (http://[hudson_url]/hudson/configure) and chenge the default view to your "xyz" view.
  3. Select the All view in Hudson's home page and you should be able to delete it.


View Enhancement plugins:

  • Last Failure Version Column Plugin — Adds a column showing last failed version that can be configured in views.
  • Cron Column Plugin — View column showing the cron trigger expressions that can be configured on a job.
  • Maven Info Plugin — Adds columns configurable in views to show info about Maven jobs.
  • View Job Filters — Manage multiple views and hundreds of jobs much more easily. This plug-in provides more ways to include/exclude jobs from a view, including filtering by SCM path, and by any job or build status type, as well as "chaining" of filters and negating filters.
  • Job Type Column Plugin — Adds column showing job type that can be configured in views.

I'm sure there are others ...


Hope you find this useful I know I did

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