Tikal's "Open Cloud" track @ "Open 2010" conference

Cloud computing is creating a Paradigm shift in the open source software arena.

Giants like Microsoft, Amazon and Google are using open source software to provide their cloud services, challenging the traditional open source players.

How will the open source players confornt the “new kids”? Can they keep their leadership in open source software services? </meta>

The Tikal team invites you to join us at the Open Cloud breakout sessions in the Open Israel taking place on June 10th .

In these sessions hosted and provided by Tikal, We will discuss the dilemmas, and present methods, technologies and service paradigms, used by major open source players to meet the upcoming challenges in the industry.


General Information :

Date : 10th June 2010, 08:00 - 14:30

Venue :Hotel David InterContinental, 12 Kaufman st. Tel-Aviv.

Parking : 30 NIS for a full day.


Tikal's "Open Cloud" track agenda :

Introduction to "cloud computing"

(Yanai Franchi "Tikal")

Cloud computing is a game changer. The cloud is disrupting traditional software and hardware business models by disrupting how IT service gets delivered.



Cloud computing - an insight into "how does it really work ?"

(Zvika Markfeld "Tikal")

Using "Grails" and utilizing SpringSource, we shall offer a hands-on demo introducing a typical "Grails" development environment and a classical cloud computing application deployed and managed on top of Amazon CC services.



Building a Cloud computing application using .NET and Python.

(Ophir Kra-Oz "CloudShare")

The CloudShare company is one of the first companies in the world to offer cloud computing services based on Israeli technology.


For the full "Open2010" conference agenda go to the "Open2010" website agenda page.


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