BlazeDS first response is VERY SLOW

Hi everyone,


I have a very strange an annoying problem:

I have an appliaction written in Flex 3, with BlazeDS 3.2 and Java in the backend.

I'm actually using a portal (liferay) to display portlets that contain Flex movies.

When I hit a refresh button on my page, all the Flex movies send a RemoteObject request to the server (using BlazeDS), which should go to java classes and invoke a method (standard BlazeDS usage I 'm guessing).


I'm experiencing VERY slow response (14 minutes) on the first hit, while the following hits are much faster.

I've enabled the BlazeDS logging (logging level="All") and I also have debug prints coming from my java classes.

I also use the "showBusyCursor" attribute for the RemoteObject - so I can see indication of the request being sent from the flex movie.


Here is what I see:

  1. I hit the refresh button
  2. Each movie invokes a RemoteObject request
  3. I see a busy sign - in all the movies
  4. I see nothing in the log - no BlazeDS prints and no Java prints
  5. Wait 14 minutes or so
  6. I see BlazeDS prints followed by Java prints
  7. I see data populating my flex movies.


The really weird thing is that I have the same "application" installed in 4 different computers (on my laptop and in 3 other unix machines),

3 of these installations work well (good response times) and only 1 has the issue I'm describing.


I've tried many things, but everything failed.


I'd be really happy to get some advice on this.