Error when installing m2eclipse on Flash Builder 4

M2eclipse is a great maven plug in for eclipse, When I tried to install it on my Flash Builder 4 stand alone version, I got the following error:

<blockquote style="font-style: italic;">Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found. Software being installed: Maven Integration for Eclipse (Required) ( Missing requirement: Maven Integration for Eclipse (Required) ( requires ‘ 3.3.0’ but it could not be found</blockquote>FB4 standalone is based on version 3.5 of the eclipse platform, when you install m2e on eclipse it looks like it needs to download some dependencies from the eclipse update site, by default the site should be listed along with any other update site on your eclipse. For some reason this was left out by Adobe, so in this case m2e installation will not be able to grab the needed dependencies. All you have to do in order to fix this is to add the Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) to the update sites list and you are good to go.
<ol><li>Open Help > Install new software > Press Add</li><li>Add the following site:
</li></ol>Name: Galileo

Now you can go ahead, add the m2e site and install it. See m2eclipse installation guide for me info

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