seven reasons why you should abandon Ubuntu

seven good reasons to abandon Ubuntu in favor of a really free OS like Debian by Bradley M. kuhn.

especially because of this ubuntu bug   which araises the question: is this the right way to fix ubuntu bug 1?.

and this question comes up again just a few days befor ubuntu releases their new Lucid Lynx which is really a cool desktop especially if your very much into social networks, but apparentlly has a lot of non free software comming with it.


but are we really so dedicated to free and open source software?  or do we just want an easy to use OS?

have you tried installing Debian Lenny latelly and make it really work like you need? you'll find yourselfe straggeling with many iriteting issues like sound not working, how the hell to install flash , or is it gnash..., trying to find firefox and thunderbird and eventually realizing that in debian are called iceweesel and icedobe or something...

or you can try opensuse as an ubuntu replacement, I do, but I'm not sure its fully free.

and if you are really a linux masochist you can try using one of the really free OS's recommended by GNU, but beware, none of them is going to rock like Ubuntu.


So my guess is, we're all going to upgrade to Lucid soon, apart for those of us that still pay money for their OS..




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