S#arp Architecture

 S#arp Architecture is  architectural foundation for building maintainable web applications with ASP.NET MVC,  Hibernate, Castle Windsor, NAnt… and a lot of added value like Visual Studio templates, code generation,  architecture principles (DDD, MVC), Best Practices.


Why to use is S#arp Architecture?

  1. Rapidly building maintainable web applications leveraging the ASP.NET MVC framework with NHibernate
  2. Adheres to proved-working  principles with all their advantages: Domain Driven Design, Loosely coupled, Preconfigured Infrastructure, Open Ended Presentation 
  3. Visual Studio project template and CRUD scaffolding generator (which is completely customizable) 
  4. Power of web frameworks (like Rails or Django) with native .Net - dev cycle is similar 
  5. Save time for choosing, building and configuration infrastructures
  6. Focus attention on the domain and user experience
  7. Worry less about application "plumbing" and to spend most of their time on adding value for the client by focusing on the business logic and developing a rich user experience


The project is open-source and managed on GitHub.





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