ALM fuse day summary - "Play" with Tikal new ALM2 framework

Our goal for the first Fuse day was to start working with the new framework and these were our achievements by the end of the day:
- Added a tab (plugin) for Hudson - went pretty smooth!
- Added plugin that handles Hudson integration with Bugzilla inside the framework - replace the link to Bugzilla created by Hudson Bugzilla plugin with the link to Bugzilla inside the ALM2 - still have some problems that need to be fixed.
- Added Tikal header as a plugin - also have some problems that still need to be fixed.
- Add dashboard "boxes" for existing components - just started with the one of the "boxes".
- "How to add a plugin" document for "tab" plugins
Although we had a nice progress with the planned items, the conclusion was that some changes should be done in the framework to make it simpler to work with, like use static (pluggable) tabs, remove use of spring-javaconfig and etc.

I'd like to thank to all participants and organizers of this day, it was very productive and fun! :)

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