Klovis - Open source libraries for Flex/AS3 applications

Klovis is a set of open-source libraries (LGPL License) providing ready to use advanced components for business application development, recently created by Kap Labs.


It is divided to 2 parts:

1. Flex libraries : 2 libraries (Core and FlexUI) targeted to applications that uses the Flex SDK.
2. AS3 library : A library (KlovisASCore) that doesn't depend of the Flex framework.


Flex libraries - Core

HashMap : Hash table based implementation of the IMap interface.
LocalMap : Local implementation of an IMap (use of SharedObjects)
HashSet : Implements the ISet interface, backed by a HashMap
ArrayList : An array based implementation of the IList interface
Abstract Preloader : An abstract preloader that manages executions of tasks from the Cairngorm 3 Task Library
KeyboardManager : Detects all keys pressed and dispatches events with the corresponding key combination 
LocalCredentials : Used to store/retrieve credentials info from the hard drive
UserSession & ApplicationSession : Storage classes that allow to store/retrieve easily data about a user or the application
ShortcutManager : Allows to plug keyboard shortcuts to UI components 
Stepper : Easily navigate between views inside a wizard/stepper 


Flex libraries - Flex UI

Autocomplete : An autocomplete that manages asynchonous retrieval of data 
LazyDataGrid : A convenient way to view a large collection of items in a datagrid without loading the complete data set 
DataFilteringTextInput : Filters automatically a data source linked to a List based component when the user enter some text. 
AdvancedTextInput : Adds the ability to display a prompt text , a clear button and an icon for a TextInput control 
StatusBar : Similary to the AIR WindowApplication, you can specify a status bar for a Flex Application 
NSDK Components : A set of compatibility components that can be useful when migrating from a NSDK application to Flex 


AS3 libraries

Commands : Command pattern implementation; provides implementations for a command scheduler and a queue of commands
Iterators : Iterator pattern implementation. Provides implementations for array and string iterator. 
Registry : Provides a implementation for a registry : a kind of key / value map
LocalConnector : Implementation of a bi-directionnal local connection
URLUtil : An all-static class with methods for working with urls 
DownloadQueue : A basic http downloader to retrieve multiple files
Utils : StringUtil, ArrayUtil, DateUtil, MathUtil, etc... all static classes with method for working with strings, arrays, dates, objects and so on.

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