OpenDS issue

For a client I am using the following configuration:
1-An OpenDS server version 2.2
2-An OpenLDAP client (the Novel libraries)

Both are very easy to use.

There is a need to query the LDAP server for information such as password expiration time, number of failed logins etc. This information is readily available by using a command line interface which is provided by OpenDS :

For instance to get the failure time one would invoke:


manage-account get-authentication-failures-times \
--targetDN "uid=kvaughan,ou=People,dc=example,dc=com" \
--hostname localhost --port 1389 \
--bindDN "cn=Directory Manager" --bindPassword password


The command line interface is of course using OpenDS Java libs, I looked at the code and it would be a nightmare to refactor.

I tried invoking the corresponding "main" function of the ManageAccount class (matches the above command line) and it works however it is very problematic since first the main function returns void and though I can capture the output from the main and parse it, it is not an ideal solution. A second issue is that the command line interface is interactive and requires a response while being processed.

has anyone had any experience with this? I need someone who really dealt with it, not just installed OpenDS and went to drink coffee ...



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