Getting started with MongoDB

Michael wrote in his post about beauty of MongoDB.

I tried to run a couple lines of code and found it very easy to get started with.

There are steps to get there:


1. Download binaries. I  used version 1.2.3 for Win32

2. Create the data folder C:\data\db

3. Run mongod.exe


At this step you have MongoDB running.


4. Download C# driver

5. Create a console application with Visual Studio

6. Add references to driver's dlls


Now you are ready to write code.


I just copies a lines of code from Michale's post into Main method and added console output:


            Console.WriteLine("Create DB:");


            Mongo mongo = new Mongo();




            IMongoCollection postsTbl = mongo.getDB("BlogDB").GetCollection("Posts");



            Console.WriteLine("Insert data:");


            Document post = new Document();


            post["Tittle"] = "Tittle1";


            post["Timestamp"] = DateTime.Now;







            Document spec = new Document();


            spec["Tittle"] = "Tittle1";


            Document myPost = postsTbl.FindOne(spec);



            Console.WriteLine("Title: " + myPost["Title"]);


            Console.WriteLine("Timestamp: " + myPost["Timestamp"]);






Finally run the programm.







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