Recommended FlexBuilder / FlashBuilder plugins

Over the time, I have gathered a few useful Flex Builder 3 / Flash Builder 4 plugins, that either can speed up work or make it easier.

Since Flex Builder 3 and Flash Builder 4 (stand alone version or eclipse plugin) are both built on Eclipse, we can utilize Eclipse’s plugin extension capabilities to extend Eclipse’s feature set. Below you will find a list of a few such plugins that help facilitate my work flow.

  1. FXi18n – A string externalization tool to help developers to extract and replace Flex MXML and ActionScript strings into localization script calls.
  2. TODO/FIXME – An extension plugin for FB which adds TODO/FIXME Task support similar to Eclipse’s Java Development Tool JDT.
  3. NTail – Log file ‘tail’ plugin for FB that enables multiple, independent view instances to be open at the same time. Each view instance is, in turn, capable of hosting its own independent set of log tail viewers. Together with the explanation here about how to direct Flash log to a file, this is extra useful.
  4. FX2Ant – Made by Farata systems, it instantly translates settings of your existing Flex Project or Flex Library Project into ANT build scripts.
  5. Log4FX – Also by Farata systems, it allows configurable implementations of log targets and interactive control panel.
  6. DTO2FX – Yet another one by Farata systems, it is an Eclipse plugin that automatically generates ActionScript classes to be used in Flex remoting as data transfer objects (DTO a.k.a. Value Objects) from their Java peers. It makes use of the ‘Generation Gap’ design pattern.
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