groovy++ performance


The blog post compares the performance of quicksort implemented in Java, Scala, Groovy and Groovy++. 


(Groovy++ is an effort to create a statically typed variant of Groovy, so that dynamic and static programming can be mixed).


Bottom line: Scala and Java compare in performance, Groovy is 512 times slower and Groovy++ is only 42 times slower. This is obviously just a micro-benchmark, but I don't see how manipulating any other sort of data will make the difference in performance smaller. 


 Update: It turns out that using the shift operator instead of division dramatically improves groovy++ performance: bottom line, groovy++ is only 50% slower than Java/Scala after this improvement.  Looks promising!, although I hate the idea that choosing the wrong way of implementing a line of code can cause performance to degrade so significantly. 

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