3 issues relating to changing bugzilla version 3.4 create.html.tmpl in /var/www/bugzilla/template/en/default/bug/create


I wonder if one of you can help me.

Issue #1: Result - Success


Lately I was successful in directly modifying file create.html.tmpl in /var/www/bugzilla/template/en/default/bug/create so that the bug description text box contains by default the paragraphs headline that should be included.


This is how I (somewhat primitively) did it:



    <td colspan="3">
      <input name="short_desc" size="70" value="[% short_desc FILTER html %]"
             maxlength="255" spellcheck="true">

    <td colspan="3">
      [% defaultcontent = BLOCK %]
        [% IF cloned_bug_id %]
+++ This [% terms.bug %] was initially created as a clone of [% terms.Bug %] #[% cloned_bug_id %] +++

        [% END %]
        [%-# We are within a BLOCK. The comment will be correctly HTML-escaped
          # by global/textarea.html.tmpl. So we must not escape the comment here. %]
        [% comment FILTER none %]
      [%- END %]
      [% INCLUDE global/textarea.html.tmpl
         name           = 'comment'
         id             = 'comment'
         minrows        = 10
         maxrows        = 25
         cols           = constants.COMMENT_COLS
         defaultcontent = "General\n=======\n\n\nReproduction\n============\n\n\nExpected Result\n===============\n\n\nActual Result\n=============\n\n"


Issue #2: Result - Success then failure



Excited with my success, I proceeded to creating a list of default CCs of my QA team, to be emailed each time a new bug is submitted, and only then.

This was a combination of changing email preferences in bugzilla UI and adding the following to the now infamous create.html.tmpl:



    <td colspan="2">
      [% INCLUDE global/userselect.html.tmpl
         name => cc
         value => "h.m@kenshoo.com,a.t@kenshoo.com,rd.g@kenshoo.com,a.b@kenshoo.com,m.r@kenshoo.com,a.m@kenshoo.com,a.b@kenshoo.com"
         size => 30
         multiple => 10


Of course, I went through all my team's bugzilla accounts and only checked 'CC' in the following options:

- I'm added to or removed from this capacity

- A new bug is created

- The CC field changes


This worked for a while (the list of CC's actually appeared in the form) but then, with no warning, stopped working, meaning the QA team does not get a mail notification when someone submits a new bug.


Any idea what went wrong or how I can achieve this purpose in a more sophhisticated method?


Issue #3: Result - Lost in the dark


As you probably know, user defined fields only appear in the left column of the create bug page, with their order determined by 'Priority' number.

My team leader asked me a seemingly simple request: Can you put a new customized field, say, "Browser Version" so that it appears after last field in the right hand side of the page, to which more attention is devoted, as it contains important fields such as "Severity", "Priority".

Till now I was not successful in changing the template to achieve this.

Any magical Ideas how to do this? Can someone even send me a modified template I can learn from?


Thank you very much in advance,


Dekel Granit


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