Creating an event on Tikal community site

In order to add an event you have to go to:

Once you have added the event you need to add (by order):


  1. Title
  2. Domain (tags)
  3. Status which is default set as open
  4. Groups – group relevance, you will only see the groups you are a member of.
  5. Event details / body – please note Full HTML is enabled here so you can enter an HTML you like!
  6. Event Time + end date (optional)
  7. Event image – currently not in use, in the future one can add a thumbnail descriptor image – group logo (Java, Flex Python etc)
  8. Signup settings – this is the section you can control sign-up confirmation & reminder templates – you can see the default message on creation – please note the signup limit parameter which should be set to 20 on in-house (Tikal Office) events.


General workflow is > event created > twitter & e-mail notifications are set > Upcoming events block get updated on next cache dump cycle (every 5 min).


Please note: all available content types are listed (if you have the sufficient permissions) by going to - this page lists all content types available to your account’s role.


Good luck!

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