My Monthly pick/perspective

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  1. Coming Java meeting - Grrovy and Grails by Adi.

  2. Group tech news / Hot-pick - JEE6 and NoSQL databases solutions

    1. JEE6 is out : Spring advocates , prepare to fight... The war between "light-wight -frameworks oriented" and "spec oriented" has been started (again...)

    2. NoSQL databases solutions trend as part of the architecture is growing.


  3. Community posts summary -

    1. Application freezes - too many full GC's

    2. Comparing performance of Scala's standard actors with Akka

    3. Is Java a functional language?

    4. Web-oriented architecture (WOA) is emerging

    5. Admin console for Spring Batch

    6. JBoss Web 3.0.0 Beta 1 Released!

    7. What's New in JBoss AS 6 Milestone 1

    8. A Look Inside the JBoss Embedded Project

    9. Apache OpenWebBeans graduated from incubation

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