.Net technologies blueprint: data access

1. ADO.Net is outdated and cumbersome - will recommend it only for tiny projects with weak developers not able to master new and more sophisticated technologies.

So the modern approach to Data Access is ORM (Object-Relational Mapping)

2. Entity Framework
- easy for beginner
- GUI builder and drag-and-drop generators in Visual Studio
- positive experience on using it with small well-structured database
- bad feedbacks on using this ORM on big tables, which were not designed from scratch: bad database layout is automatically copied into code
- limited customization
- significantly slower than LINQ or NHibernate
- not easy for beginner, requires understanding of advanced C# language features
- is suitable also for non-relational data access (XML for example)
- drag and drop and intellisense supported for existing database
- other database support may be limited (mysql, etc)
4. NHibernate
- excellent support of different DB vendors, with no or little changes in code
- can be used when DB still does not exist and auto-generate database according to code
- powerful customization abilities - when existing DB schema is messy, classes still can be created in a clean way
- performance - faster than LINQ in write, slower in read
- good community, sometimes better than MS support according to feedbacks
- easier to understand than LINQ, but no built-in VS support
- very familiar for developers with Java background


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