Google Analytics - Asynchronous Tracking is almost here

As of  Tuesday, December 01, 2009 Google analytics supports Asynchronous Tracking.
Quote from:

"Asynchronous Tracking is an alternative way to track website visitors with Google Analytics. Unlike a traditional installation, asynchronous tracking optimizes how browsers load ga.js so its impact on user experience is minimized. It also allows you to put your Analytics snippet higher in the page without delaying subsequent content from rendering. The Asynchronous Tracking requires a different Analytics snippet and a different syntax for making tracking API calls."


To those of you asking why this is so important ?, well Google Analytics has become a web statistics standard our days and Google Analytics functions in a way that on every page you are building (statically or dynamically) executes ga.js script, which is: yes you guest it google analytics javascript, this script may on busy sites (like ours for example) become a burden, when considering page generation / page load time. Asynchronous Tracking is supposed to solve all that by being able to load / push statistics after the page loads for the user.


Sounds to good to be true? well yes:

"The second half of the snippet provides the logic that loads the tracking code in parallel with other scripts on the page. It executes an anonymous function that dynamically creates a <script> element and sets the source with the proper protocol. As a result, most browsers will load the tracking code in parallel with other scripts on the page, thus reducing the web page load time. Note here the forward-looking use of the new HTML5 "async" attribute in this part of the snippet. While it creates the same effect as adding a <script> element to the DOM, it officially tells browsers that this script can be loaded asynchronously. Firefox 3.6 is the first browser to officially offer support for this new feature. If you're curious, here are more details on the official HTML5 async specification."


Read the full blog post by Google:

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