.NET Group Meeting

In yesterday's .NET group meeting we started to work on the Web App blueprint.
We covered the presentation layer, and here are the conclusions:
  1. Framework: ASP.NET MVC is the web framework of our choice. WebForms will be used in specific cases when it speeds up a feature development, and no (or little) complexity overhead involved.
  2. JavaScript libraries: we think that a combination of the following frameworks will best serve our goals:
    1. Prototype as the basic JS library for coding.
    2. JQuery for UI manipulations.
    3. Dojo for widgets
    4. Scriptaculuos for effects.
  3. Silverlight - Should be used from version 4 and above (currently Beta), when fat client on the web is required, while considering its limitations - SEO unfriendly, and small install base.
We will not recommend the following
  1. WebForms as the main web framework.
  2. MS Ajax
  3. Silverlight 3 and below
The next meeting will be in a different format, so more technologies can be reviewed. In few days I'll send an agenda for the next meeting, and assign to each one of us new topics (technologies) to review.
Thanks everyone for your donation and participation.






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