MySQL for Integrators Course – Tikal client closed event


The course is a closed event to Tikal employees and the client's developers.
This course will be delivered by
Haim Raman, from Tikal ALM Group.

The Course will be given in 4 sessions, 4.5 hours each.


Tikal MySQL for Integrators Course, general information:


Session Date & Time:

06.12.09 + 07.12.09 at 8:30-13:00


Location: Tikal client offices


In this session's we will be presenting :

  • MySQL Architecture and Introduction

  • MySQL Server metadata

  • Storage Engines

  • Install MySQL

  • The MySQL Client programs

  • Table Maintenance

  • Data Backup and Recovery

  • MySQL security


Each of these topics will be covered in a 2 hours lecture.

Additional exercises will be given to be prepared on your free time.


Course overview:


The Client provides cellular backhaul traffic aggregation and optimization solutions with management software based on MySQL 5.0 database server.

The Client integrators are required to manage maintain and troubleshot customer and lab based installation of their management software. Those tasks require knowledge of MySQL administration and troubleshooting.

The Client integrators can not assume any software installed on the customer machines apart from MySQL, training will focus on command line utilities provided with the MySQL distribution and will provide students with basic MySQL management and troubleshooting hands-on skills.



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