Radically Simple ? PCLinuxOS

I know this post doesn't fit any of our groups ,but i had to share with you my very short experience with yet another linux distro, PCLinuxOS , which i think is a nice one, a little window’sh ,well.. maybe more then a little, it even has the ‘My Computer’ icon on the Desktop.

but apparently it also works well, I installed it on a very old Pentium 3 machine with 512M and it works perfect, smooth installation,no hardware problems, at least not for the few hours I played with it. BTW while I’m typing here with abiword I see strange characters on the screen so I don’t know about it..
Anyway, it looks like a good linux for windows users on a home PC, or for someone who doesn’t want to go with the Ubuntu mainstream(myself included).
It comes bundled with many applications,graphics and multimedias and such,  a lot of configuration options, very colorful , I especially like the regional settings with all the flags. I like flags..

But, Beware! it took me two installation retries to learn never to do an upgrade using synaptic or apt-get, at least not with this distro. it’s very tempting to click the button 'Mark All Upgrades' in synaptic and it looks like everything is fine, but the system won’t reboot after that because apt-get upgrade doesn’t check for dependencies or something like that linux gurus over-there can explain better then me.

so if you really want to upgrade never do an upgrade but update and then dist-upgrade
root>apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade
go take a break, and if that fails try
root>apt-get update --fix-broken && apt-get dist-upgrade
hope this one works..

And Voila , you have another working linux machine to play with for some time until you have to recover it again from some bizarre crash.




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