Setting SDK 3.4.1 on Flash Builder

So Flex is now Flash Builder (4), like many other developers I was excited to try out the new Adobe IDE. I was especially interested in the much needed bug fixes from Flex 3 and missing features (at last a proper ‘Generate getters and setters’ option for AS classes). As a Linux user I was also very disappointed to find out that Adobe has currently neglected it’s Builder for Linux support. Now, flash Builder’s default SDK version is 4, you’ll notice that on the first time that you’ll start a Flex project on FB4. Version 4 introduces new AS libraries and a new MXML syntax, but most of us only want to test run FB4 using the same code and syntax we used with the 3.x.x SDK versions. Luckily the new builder has an optional 3.4.1 SDK you can use for your projects. Here’s how you can set SDK 3.4.1 as your default SDK with FB4:

1. On Eclipse top menu select Window > Preferences and the Preferences window will popup
2. On the left tree select Flash Builder > Installed Flex SDK’s
3. Check SDK 3.4 and press Apply

From now on all your Flash Builder new projects will be using the 3.4.1 SDK

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