Go language from Google

 Google announced about new experimental language named "Go". People joke that next will be a debugger named "ogle".


So this language is supposed to replace C and is compiled to machine code, but it includes some features of modern dynamic languages, like garbage collection, lightweight threads (like in Erlang), built-in map type (so missing in Java), cool syntax, type safety, adequate packaging (no more ugly #includes), etc. etc.


Here are some links: 


Language spec: http://golang.org/doc/go_spec.html

Effective Go: http://golang.org/doc/effective_go.html


Example of code creating 100 thousands of threads and counting them:


package main


import ("flag"; "fmt")


var ngoroutine = flag.Int("n", 100000, "how many") //command line parameter "n" with default of 100000


func f(left, right chan int) { left <- 1 + <-right } //this function runs on thread, reading int from right and writing incremented int to left channel


func main() {


  leftmost := make(chan int);

  var left, right chan int = nil, leftmost;


  for i := 0; i < *ngoroutine; i++ {

    left, right = right, make(chan int);

    go f(left, right);                                   //this statement starts a new goroutine (light thread)



  right <- 0; // bang!                                    //write to the last channel

  x := <-leftmost; // wait for completion      //read from the first channel after it travelled all the chain

  fmt.Println(x); // 100000



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