FAKE - Fake

FAKE is a clone of Make/Rake using F# as the DSL, making it useful for building .Net applications.


Here is an example build.fsx script (from http://www.navision-blog.de/2009/04/01/getting-started-with-fake-a-f-sharp-make-tool/):

// include Fake libs
#I "tools\FAKE"
#r "FakeLib.dll"
open Fake // properties
let buildDir = @".\build\"
let appReferences = !+ @"src\app\**\*.csproj" |> Scan // Targets
Target "Clean" (fun () ->
CleanDir buildDir )
Target "BuildApp" (fun () ->
target =
// compile all projects below src\app\
let apps = MSBuild buildDir target appReferences
// log the output files
Log "AppBuild-Output: " apps
Target "Default" (fun () ->
trace "Hello World from FAKE"
) // dependencies
"BuildApp" <== ["Clean"]
"Default" <== ["BuildApp"]
// start build
run "Default"
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