Tikal Java performance tuning and code optimization course

Java performance tuning and code optimization workshop

Hi all,
We are considering offering a new hands-on workshop titled "Java performance tunning and Java code optimization". It is meant to cover a diverse array of topics ranging from basic java code optimizations to tunning large scale JVMs, heaps and application servers (Jboss, tomcat) on multi-core CPUs.

An attempt would be made to introduce the most frequently used tools for JVM profiling and monitoring such as jstat, jconsole, jhat, jproiler/yourkit etc etc while presenting a real world example to demonstrate and discuss the tools and issues raised.

In order to find out if the number of participants is going to large enough to justify opening this workshop, i ask anyone who is really considering attending the class to reply and if possible add the topics that he would like to be presented with during the workshop.

The details are not finalized yet but I expect the workshop to span several sessions.

The speakers of the workshop will be me (Shlomo) and I might be able to recruit some other talent for that from the Tikal team.

Thank you for your interest!

We will contact you as soon as possible.

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