Drupal - Setting any page as front page

Drupal is a great CMS that seems to be gaining more and more popularity over time and for a good reason, overall I belive it’s the best CMS available today, There might be a number of products out there with better architecture and design but none of them has a huge community of users behind them like Drupal. On the other hand, I do feel that Drupal lacks documentation. In some cases it seems to take ages to find how to apply simple configurations in Drupal’s admin screens. For instance, I spent some time today trying to understand how to perform a simple task, making a page on your site the default site front page, here’s how it’s done with Drupal 6.x:

1. Go to the Admin panel

2. Select Site Information

3. scroll down to the Default front page field and insert the name of the page you would like to set as front page

4. Press Save Configuration

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